Discovering Leeds

Well, the answer is: the new Leeds! Yes, as you read, this city has changed dramatically in the last few years. Its government decided to turn everything around and start modernizing, while keeping some of the old stuff to preserve its history. Leeds is by far one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, buzzing with shopping malls, new fancy buildings, restaurants, a touristic circuit and an all around renewed feel.

Is it difficult to get to Leeds?

It is definitely not. One of the great advantages of the city is that it is child’s play to get ther form any point in the United Kingdom – and even fro other countries! Whatever mean of transport you choose, Leeds is absolutely accessible, and you won’t believe how little it will take you to arrive to this new city.

Getting to Leeds is no challenge, and we will tell you all the options that you have. First of all, you can simply drive there. Leeds is right by the M62 and the A1/M1 link, and there are also many other roads that can take you to Leeds’s ring road. No matter what point of the UK you are driving from, there is an easy way to get there in no time. Also, if you are a sportswoman or just want to be quite active, you can take your bike and ride down the cycle lanes that are available there.

If you want to hit the road but you don’t feel like driving, you have buses and coaches frequently leaving London and other major metropolis heading to Leeds. They’re a cheap and efficient method, especially if you get a student Metrocard which will lower the prices even more.

Going by train is another great choice. There is a two and a half hour train ride between London and Leeds, but other areas of the UK are also connected via railroad, so you can get there from any place. If you want to try even other options, you can simply fly there, for the Leeds-Bradford International Airport is barely 8 miles north. You can book a taxi service in advance or ask for one when you arrive there; these cars will take you right to Leeds. And one last thing: you can even get there by ferry, because the Hull port is really close as well.

First of all, Leeds has a very active daylife with lots of places to perform sports and physical activities. So, if you want to see some great matches or even do something by yourselves, there are plenty of choices for you. You can go check Elland Road, where Leeds United plays – extra point for LU fans – or some other international sporting venues: Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Leeds Rugby League Club. If you like practicing other sports, Leeds has a tonne of sportsfields, tennis courts, a skateboard park and even an Olympic-sized swimming pool. For those who are more into nature, there are great places to go cycling, walking or just sightseeing: the Yorkshire Dales, the Valey of York and North York Moors. You can choose whatever you like the most and breathe some fresh air into your lungs before the night shake!